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We are a small business, and have many repeat customers. Some have shared their experience below.

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Mānuka Salve

“I am very impressed with the healing powers of this Manuka salve.

I have used it on fresh scar tissue of a stitching line of 20 cm for 2 weeks after a leg operation and people have remarked on how well the skin has restored it self. I also used it on a large skin rash area for 2 weeks and the rash has entirely disappeared. Thank you Sharon for this amazing effective natural remedy you are continuing to produce.”

Marian Miller, Whangarei - Feb 2024

Manuka Salve


“I am very pleased to recommend Maku Products as an efficient supplier of Kumarahou.

After ordering whilst in NZ the product was sent to my Australian address and received within the week.

Kumarahou was made into a tea/tonic and distributed to friends who have had ongoing respiratory problems and was received well. One commented that she felt her digestion problems had been relieved as well. Most have asked for second and subsequent tonics which I have made for them.”

Marilyn Lawson-James, Perth, Western Australia

Manuka Salve

“I have been an avid consumer of natural products for many years most of which I have made myself. However, circumstances limited me from continuing, fortunately I was able to access Maku Manuka Salve. The name Maku leapt out at me as I was googling natural products.

Manuka has many beneficial properties and was perfect for my niece who suffers from eczma. I also bought a pot of manuka salve for my sisters children who come home weekly from school with all sorts of abrasions and sores.

Ideal for a busy young family. Its affordable, works on the most sensitive skin and I would highly recommend. Congratulations and thank you to Maku Products and the unseen hand that guides you.”

Nancy Brown

Manuka Salve

“This product is excellent !!!! it actually works, and I have used it on burns, sunburn, skin grazes, mosquito bites as it also relieves the itch. I have recommended this product to my Nursing colleagues who also use it on a regular basis.

My family also use Manuka Salve, there is always a pot handy in the first aid cabinet and has been used to treat pimples, sore cracked lips, eczema and can even be swallowed to help treat a sore throat.”

Karen Dobbs


Tania Kettle has asked us especially for flowers as well as the Kumarahou leaves we normally supply, and she uses them with her horses.

“I source all my Kumarahou from Sharon www.maku.co.nz. Sharon is excellent with the plants and you can almost smell the respect that she gives to the plants when picking, packing and posting.

Sharon is ultra excellent though as she separates the Kumarahou into flowers and leaves for me. The leaves I make into a tea (normally only need one mug) to flush out Caps system or when he has had too much sugar and I need to bring his energy down.

The flowers I make in the same way but they are softer in energy and you have to listen closely as the dosage is different. I use the flowers for incontinence or inflammation around the tummy or bladder.

What I love about the native plants is that the results all come down to your pure intent and magic. I mean, seriously, pure intent is good but who doesn't love magic?”

Tania Kettle

Manuka Salve

“Got some fab manuka salve from Anthea's mama for “anywhere that hurts” ❤️ ”

Coley Skews-Poole, Wellington - March 2019

Manuka Salve

“The Manuka salve is amazing. My wife suffers from itching during dialysis treatment, have tried most products available and this product is the only one that gives lasting results. Thanks Sharon. ”

John Mckee, Coromandel NZ

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