Mānuka Cuticle Oil

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Maku Mānuka Cuticle Oil uses the key healing ingredients from our Mānuka Salve, without beeswax, in a convenient reusable oil pen dispenser with brush applicator.

Two pens of cuticle oil displayed on a mossy stump. The oil is green and the pens are a transparent cylinder with a brush applicator.

When my daughter Anthea completed her training as a nail technician, she asked to experiment with my Mānuka activated olive oil as a cuticle oil. Her clients loved it; the handy oil pen made it easy to keep applying the oil regularly for its many benefits.

Using no animal products, this is a vegan product tested on humans. A cuticle oil pen makes a lovely gift.

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Benefits of Mānuka Cuticle Oil

Like Mānuka Salve, the oil can be used on any skin complaint including cuts and eczema - see the Mānuka Salve page for a full list.

A close up of applying cuticle oil from a Maku Cuticle Oil pen to manicured nails. The nails are painted a shiny green, and the oil is being applied with the right hand to the left. The background is a mānuka bush's green small pointy leaves.

Nail care advice

Along with a healthy diet, there are some extra steps you can take to grow beautiful healthy strong nails:

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We have had great feedback about this product from our in-person customers and look forward to sharing it with our online whānau.

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