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Kumarahou is a "bitter" plant, a taste which is lacking in Western diets.
Bitter foods stimulate the release of the gastrointestinal hormone, gastrin, which in turn stimulates the release of stomach acid and enzymes to aid in digestion, particularly the absorption of vitamin B12 from foods.
Source: "Kumarahou" published in the NZ Journal of Natural Medicine: May - August 2012

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Kumarahou is also a blood purifier, general tonic, and is good for the liver. It has been reported to aid bladder issues and arthritis.

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Kumarahou Preparation

Approximately 8 standard sized leaves should be added to a pot of boiling water.

Simmer for 10-15 minutes, until the liquid is a reddish brown colour. Brewing for longer will make a stronger, more concentrated solution.

The bitterness of Kumarahou is part of its healing power. Only sweeten with Manuka honey if absolutely necessary, it has a pleasant aftertaste naturally.

Storage and Reheating

Prepared Kumarahou solution is safe to refrigerate in a glass container for several weeks.

Never reheat in the microwave, microwaves destroy the benefits of Kumarahou.

Instead, fill a mug with boiling water to half or 2/3rds, top up the mug with concentrated Kumarahou. Alternatively, the liquid can be reheated on stovetop.

Kumarahou leaves can be kept away from light to prevent discolouration, though browned leaves are safe to use.


Drink 1 cupful morning and night, for one week. Cease usage for a week, and take for another week if necessary. Halve the quantity for children.

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Kumarahou is Sold in 10 gram packets of dehydrated leaves, enough for 1 month’s supply and safe for export from New Zealand.

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