Mānuka Salve

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Mānuka Salve is worth trying on all skin complaints, and is safe to use internally. It does not sting, and has no strong scents or added perfumes.

Manuka Salve pots 50g and 200g

Do not use if you are allergic to olives or olive oil, Mānuka / tea tree products or beeswax.

How to use Mānuka Salve

Smear onto the affected area often, especially before bed. Reapply after washing, swimming or sweating. It can be put onto gauze under bandages, but will stop adhesive plasters from sticking if it contacts the glue.

To prevent salve from rubbing onto bedding or clothes, you can wrap right around and over the affected area with plastic wrap.

Known uses include treatment for:

If condition worsens or does not appear to be improving after three or four days, seek medical advice. Also consult your doctor or pharmacist before using Mānuka Salve in place of prescribed medicines.


This product can also be used as a beauty balm, and will aid the healing of scarring, dryness and acne. It can be applied lightly to the face before bed, and removed with a facecloth and warm water in the morning before the usual beauty routine.

As a hair product, Mānuka Salve is excellent for hydrating dry ends of hair damaged by heat treatment. Comb a small amount through the ends of hair, where it can be left in. If the greasiness is too much, use it overnight to allow the ingredients to absorb, and wash out in the morning.

Pet care

Mānuka Salve is also safe as a healing cream for animals, for example hoof infections, flea bites, allergy rash and sores. It will not harm animals if ingested, and should be reapplied frequently to the affected area.

Mānuka Salve is available to order in 50g or 200g pots.

Reduce your plastic waste

You can choose to purchase 50g of Mānuka Salve in a recycled pot or container for a lower cost to the environment and your wallet. This could be any recycled container we have available, note that the container may not be "full" but will have the same 50g amount of product inside.

We are happy to accept your empty plastic pots for recycling if they are returned.

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